Water Street Collective







Design Team:

Private commission

5 live/work units, commercial, open space

Water Street Collective

San Francisco, CA



Irving Gonzales, Jennifer Wichtowski, David Winslow

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Water street is a mid-block alley in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood that represents what was once the 'water's edge'.  With an existing community of designers, artists, and creatives, it features an established identity and sense of community.

The Water Street Collective project aims to capitalize on the spirit of the neighborhood, providing living, working, and public outdoor space for this creative community.  This will include a new building beyond this concept, and street improvements to further enhance the walkability of this beloved street being designed as part of the companion Water Street Urban project.

The use of re-purposed shipping containers used for this conceptual design hearkens to the City’s harbor heritage as well as to the identity of Water Street.  The use of modular building materials in the final design now underway will contribute to the storytelling of the Water Street and its development over time.

Water Street Urban