Southcrest Apartments








Design Team:



Private commission

30 affordable units, site, community building

Domus Development

South Sacramento, CA

Construction Complete

AIASF Small Firms Great Projects


Irving Gonzales, Jennifer Wichtowski


Guerdon Modular, Van Maren Associates, Cagwin & Dorward Landscape

Rehabilitation of this residential enclave  creates a spirit of unity and community and includes a new set of prefabricated buildings to serve as a residential gathering place.


The design takes its cue from the surrounding trees and provides a Craftsman-style look.  It  uses vibrant colors to give the development new life and to invigorate the neighborhood.  The result is a welcome design, style, and newly established sense of community amongst residents.


Design matters, and makes a difference.  This has been proven through numerous accounts since completion from Domus, the on-site manager and residents of their new interaction with their neighbors within the development, and the community around them!