Richárd Residence








Design Team:

Private commission

Single family remodel and addition

Richárd Family

Tiburon, CA

Construction Complete

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Irving Gonzales

Historically, the house had only one floor of living space, with a high attic space above.  The Family wanted to create additional living space within the existing 1,100 SF footprint without increasing the building’s impact on the site or loss of character.  This was accomplished by carving out new living space from the existing attic by adding dormers to increase the ceiling height for new rooms and outdoor living space at this upper level.


New windows bring in an abundance of natural light deep into the house.  The new dormers are iconic and give the house prominence despite its diminutive size.  The extended veranda helps create the sense that the house is larger, while maintaining the existing envelope and its original charm and character.


To increase the livability of the existing ground floor, most of the interior partitions were removed to create a larger open plan.  The kitchen and bathroom were kept enclosed and to the rear of the house.