Mission Dolores







Design Team:

Private commission

Seismic upgrade, accessibility, new learning center

Roman Catholic Diocese of San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

New finn learning center under design review


Irving Gonzales

As part of a long overdue, comprehensive restoration project, the roof structure was seismically strengthened and secured to the 4-foot adobe walls and waterproofed.  In addition, a new perimeter drainage system was designed and installed, and the gardens were cleaned and replanted with historic accuracy.  Following painstaking research, an original side entry was located and restored.  The entire chapel and grounds were made accessible for the physically disabled and elderly.


Inside the building, new interior lighting was designed and custom fabricated to better illuminate the services and special events utilizing state of the art, energy conserving fixtures fitted with fiber optics.  The fixtures were modeled after historic Mission chandeliers.

The mark of this restoration being a successful project is that most of the new restorative work remains unnoticed, as if nothing had changed for centuries.