Miraflores Housing










Design Team:



Public commission

Urban plan, green belt park, and 150 single family homes

Goal is LEED-ND gold

City of Richmond

Richmond, CA

Creek Restoration and Green Belt construction are ongoing, For sale housing construction to begin 2016


Irving Gonzales, Jennifer Wichtowski, David Winslow


HKIT Architects (Senior Housing), PGA Design, Inc., Luk & Associates, Global Green, Architectural Resources Group, Inc., Restoration Design Group, LLC.,

The development is located on the 14 acre site of the former Sakai family flower nursery, envisioned as a walkable residential neighborhood of up to 471 units  that encourages sustainable environmental practices, and excellent physical design. A LEED ND pilot project, Miraflores will serve as a high quality model development for the City of Richmond.

The site is constrained by a 220’ setback that parallels Interstate 80 that will serve as a greenbelt amenity and feature active open spaces, urban agriculture zones, restoration of Baxter Creek, a self sustaining landscape, and a new bicycle network to connect the development to the Richmond Greenway.

The existing Sakai house, water tower, and greenhouse 20 will be restored and adapted for reuse as the site's heart and the community center with a new children’s playground and interpretive center.  The agricultural enterprise zone and the greenbelt will be served by the renovated Oishi house and related greenhouses.