Magnolia Terrace














Design Team:



Private commission

5 affordable rental units

Green Point Rated pilot project

Housing Consortium of the East Bay (HCEB)

Emeryville, CA

Construction Complete

PCBC Golden Nugget and Grand Award for "best restore residential project", Green Builder Magazine Home of the Year for "Best Urban Infill Project", Green Building Case study for Build it Green, Recipient of the Green Communities Infill Grant for social and environmental sustainability


Irving Gonzales, Jennifer Wichtowski,  Sutton Murray


Interface Engineering, Kam Yan Associates SE, Barbara Van Maren CE, Seam Studios, Creative Growth,

Rien van Riethoven Architecture Photography

Rehabilitation of a 1912 box-style house into affordable multi-family, independent living provides a new healthy and sustainable environment inside and out through its extensive renovation, reconstruction and green building approach.

It now serves as a 5 unit home where special needs residents can have easy access to, and freedom in a safe urban environment.  The project is  a positive addition to the Emeryville community.  Along with the improvements to the home, there are various improvements to the site that include colored concrete walkways with imprints of Magnolia leaves, and artist-commissioned art installed on the building’s face,  inside the units and incorporated throughout the site.