Jules Avenue







Design Team:

Private commission

Single family remodel and addition

Burgess Family

San Francisco, CA

Construction Complete


Irving Gonzales, Jennifer Wichtowski,

Frederic Simmons

The existing house features a typical Victorian era closed floor plan.  To improve the flow, the existing ground floor spaces were opened up by enlarging  openings and removing walls.

Because of the small floor plate, the client's desire for a large, voluminous master suite was accommodated through a rear addition, which would include the master bedroom, bathroom, dressing area, a family lofted reading nook, and an office nook as part of the master bedroom.  By maintaining the existing A-frame shape of the home, we were able to create large lofty spaces and keep the addition invisible from the street so as not to contrast with the existing historic facade along the street.

The materialization is simple, with only two basic materials - one solid and one transparent.  The solid areas provide privacy as needed, while the transparency allows for ample natural light throughout the new addition, ensuring that the space feels large and airy.