Fesqua Cafe







Design Team:

Private commission

Commercial TI, Facade Improvements, Parklet

Fesqua Cafe

Oakland, CA

Furthered Concept (original design complete)


Irving Gonzales, Jennifer Wichtowski

This project was originally initiated through the City of Oakland’s Façade improvement program which endeavored to revitalize the urban face of the City by offering incentives to business owners to refurbish the exteriors of their buildings.  With the help of Gonzales Architects, the once derelict storefront is to be reinvented as a colorful and cheerful addition to Telegraph Avenue streetscape.


The small footprint of the existing restaurant will augmented with the addition of a mezzanine level and additional seating.  Interior finishes are meant to reflect the themes of “fresh” and “water”, each of which were central concepts in the overall branding of the cafe and combine to form the name Fesqua.


Environmental goals were key in the design of the interior spaces and the façade.  Interior finishes will make use of recycled materials.  The café tables are fabricated from reclaimed bicycle wheels infilled with a solid surface of recycled glass.  The same recycled glass tiles were then used to cover the face of the building.  Large storefront windows allow for natural ventilation & daylight.