Calvary Catholic Cemetery







Design Team:



Private commission

Master plan and related projects

Roman Catholic Diocese of San Jose

San Jose, CA

Design and construction ongoing


Irving Gonzales, Jennifer Wichtowski


Hill Associates

Garden of Angels

The Garden of Angels section at Calvary Catholic Cemetery was conceived in memory of the children that have passed.  The section is divided on two levels with the children’s section perched atop a series of integrally colored retaining walls surrounded by colorful landscaping and the adult Sacred Heart section below and surrounding.

The memorial wall is etched with images of objects typically associated with children such as alphabet blocks, teddy bears, and lady bugs.  The images are recessed into the surface of the concrete so that visitors can make rubbings.  Scripture from St. Mark is depicted in bronze, raised lettering.

The site also features three limestone memorial benches.  Each bench is etched with a line of scripture and space below for names to be listed.

The Mason Family Crypt

This private family estate was designed to give the family a dignified place to memorialize their loved ones.  It was conceived with classic detailing and materials.  The sloped sides give the building strength and prominence.

Master Plan: Garden Crypt Expansion, All Saints Section and St Juan Diego Memorial

Calvary is an urban cemetery, without the ability to expand beyond its existing borders.  GA was responsible for creating a master plan that would maximize the space that is left as well as come up with creative solutions for ways to increase the density of the existing sections.  The three areas under consideration were the expansion of the garden crypts, All Saints Section, and the St Juan Diego Memorial.