Bishop's Burger Spot






Design Team:

Private commission


The Bishop Family

San Francisco, CA

Serving Burgers Spring 2017

Irving Gonzales, Jennifer Wichtowski

Bishop's Burger Spot was conceived as a sort of jewel box.  At only 750 sf, the details are key.  Located in the Bayview at a strategic corner of Mendell Plaza, the new building will anchor and activate the plaza, giving it program and function.  The building was designed to function as a social node and an extension of the plaza, with its main entrance and active facade facing, and opening up to, the plaza.


The corner of the building is glazed on all three sides at the primary corner to provide transparency between 3rd Street and the plaza, thereby providing passive security, making the plaza a more attractive place to spend time.  To provide additional security, the restaurant was designed to be operable.  Sliding doors will move into place to cover and secure the glazed openings during non-business hours.  Additionally, a walk up window is provided on the 3rd Street side, that will feature a retractable cover that acts as an awning when open.  The operability of the facade makes it a dynamic and active addition to the plaza and this major intersection.


Given the building's prime location directly adjacent to a very active bus stop and light rail station, the walk up window on 3rd Street seeks to capitalize on this steady flow of people.  The restaurant will open early and serve coffee and breakfast via the walk-up window, making it's location and function ideal.